Loving God and Sharing Him with Others



Our vision is to be a gracious community of believers, demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ through service, and reaching out to the world around us, to join in a deep, celebrative relationship with God.



  • Making prayer a priority
  • Encouraging quality, loving relationships as a central part of the church and outreach
  • Glorifying God through vibrant, authentic, and passionate worship
  • Sharing life in authentic communities characterized by loving caring relationships with open and honest communication
  • Reaching out to our communities (friends, neighbours, colleagues) and the broader world, both practically, and with the message of the gospel
  • Discerning and equipping people to use their spirit-given gifts to be Christ’s representatives, as we minister to each other and the world around us.
  • Growing in our relationship with God through holistic discipleship that includes clear biblical teaching, mentoring, loving encouragement, and accountability.