Living Hope In-Person Sunday Services

We are very excited to restart our in-person church services once again.  As we want to ensure a safe environment, we need to comply with health regulations.  Recording contact information and regulating attendance numbers is very important and Pre-Registration allows us to do this.  Please pre-register for the services you plan to attend.  Should the service already be full, you will be placed on a waiting list and notified if room becomes available.


1. Anyone attending the In-Person Worship Service (upstairs), including children and babies who will remain in the service, need to be registered.

2. Information regarding Children Ages 3 to Grade 6 who will be attending Sunday School is to be recorded where indicated with your own registration.

3. Those registered together as a group will be seated together. Individuals registering on their own will be seated seperately.  For physical distancing purposes, the ushers will pre-assign your seating.

4. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please keep this and use the included cancelation link should you decide not to attend which will allow those on the Wait List to attend. Cancelling a group registration will require the re-registration of those still attending.

5. Before attending, please read these documents:  In Person Services - What To Expect  and Health Check Questions 2021 

6. Health Check Questions will be asked prior to admittance to the service.

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